Citizens’ Watch International aims to advance sound administration of law by offering learning opportunities for young lawyers in Russia and other Post-Soviet countries.

Through training, professional discussions with English colleagues and observing court proceedings in the UK, lawyers from Russia and other countries can learn practical skills in criminal litigation; exchange views on adversary trial, equality of arms, confidentiality, professional ethics and procedural issues; and use the knowledge gained for their professional development.

Our Programmes provide opportunities for participants to compare criminal proceedings, share best practices, exchange views on protecting the professional interests of the legal community and be engaged in today’s international legal dialogue.

Leading experts and practitioners take part in various events of the Programme as trainers, lecturers and speakers.

“After our visit I ask myself: how can I help to improve the existing justice system in Russia?”

Quote from Russian lawyer visiting London on 2016 study visit

Raising the Professional Standards of Defence Lawyers in Russia

2016-17 Programme

This training programme was launched in St Petersburg in October 2016, consisting of a series of educational events and exchange of experience for practising defence lawyers in the North West of Russia.

Access to Justice for Vulnerable Groups in Russia

2017-18 Programme

This initiative began in September 2017 and is the next stage of CWI’s long term educational programme, aiming to improve access to justice for two vulnerable groups in Russia – migrants and persons with disabilities.


Citizens' Watch International

Citizens' Watch International is a UK registered charity dedicated to promoting access to justice where human rights are at risk, particularly in Russia and the former Soviet Bloc countries.